Heya! I'm Alex, your friendly neighborhood designer. ^_^

I'm UX/UI Designer with 7 years of experience in making it simple and easy for people to use complex web products and mobile apps. I also find it very hard to summarize myself in a couple of sentences, so I'll use bullet points instead.

in short:

  • I live in Sofia, BG with my wife Bilyana and our 🐈 Neko.
  • I've been doing design for like 8 years.
  • Currently, I'm Lead UI/UX Game Designer at Creative Assembly - Sofia.
  • Recently, I started studying 🎌Japanese.
  • I believe in a 50/50 split between data-driven and intuition-driven decisions.
  • I tend to fix first, explain later.
  • Four years ago I burned out 🔥(big time) and since then I've tried to help people understand why an 80-hour work week is not okay.
  • I'll talk to you about the awesomeness of Scrum on any day.
  • I give talks on design, startups and why hustle culture is bad.
  • I love playing & making games + I help organize Sofia Game Jam.
  • I strongly recommend reading 📖 Permanent Record and Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!
  • Just as Mr. Feynman, every day I strive to be compassionate.
  • I wish people made more weird websites like Poolside.fm.